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Who We Are

Professional Footwear

Siamtoya Company Limited has been active in the footwear industry since 2014,  for “Pierre Cardin” a footwear factory based in Samut Prakan, Thailand. We have been producing high quality women and men shoes for the Top International Luxury Brand.

The company offers the most important fashion brands its expertise and ability to transform an idea into a beautifully made products.

The company specializes in the wrapping of heels, wedges, and insoles in leather, fabric, wood in the application of soles. While maintaining an artisan’s heart, the company carries out the entire production cycle in a modern factory of more than 1,000 sq.m. equipped with high technology machine and high quality of workmanship.

We are also partner of reference for the famous fashion brands:

RegettaCanoe (comfort shoes from Japan) The unique shape and appearance go with any style and feature a unique shape that is sure to attract attention. City walkers need good balance and Regetta Canoe has created the ultimate in comfortable ergonomic design. The key is the insole which is designed to support each part of your foot.

CCILU (from Spain) lifestyle brand is now sold in more than 60 countries, with 40+ Ccilu stores in Asia and a permanent presence established in North America, under the Ccilu USA banner. It began with SKIVE-ON and CCILUCELL. “CCILUCELL” is really a fancy word for “walking on a cloud.”

Dedicated to footwear for the high fashion segments of shoes. Strong from many years of experience in the sector, we ensure the creation of unique and high-performing products, conformed to the needs of the luxury market.

Each piece is designed and manufactured in-house with tailored care, passion and maximum attention to detail, constantly controlling the quality and the aesthetic result. Thanks to the dedication of qualified professionals. 

we have developed the skills to produce customized products or ad hoc modify existing ones, satisfying every requirement of the customer.

Siamtoya Co., Ltd. carries out the entire constant quality control and confidentiality of information. Attentive to every client need, the company’s staff is ready to solve any problem promptly and professionallly in a short time. We have maintaining the most valuable characteristics such as quality, passion for detail and handmade workmanship. 

The artisan’s expertise is combined with the company’s propensity for innovation, both in term of an open corporate vision and the readiness to accept new challenges, as well as investments in new machinery and technology.

Working for the Top International Luxury Brand, the entire supply chain is monitored from every ethical, sustainable and legal point of view.